The Mount Clemens Gem & Lapidary Society has been in existence since 1969. Our purpose is to educate the general public about the lapidary arts and earth sciences.

Announcements _______________________________________________________________________________________________

We are no longer at the clubhouse on Macomb Industrial Drive. The telephone has been dis-connected.
Please use the contact form under the contact tab above to contact us.



See the upcoming events to the left for more information on our next board meeting November 20, 2014


Our apologies for the poor communication about the Oct 1st meeting. We will strive to improve.

Meeting held on October 1st:
Attendance : Ron Rolfe, Virginia Garza – October 1st 2014.
Meeting was held on Wednesday (due to room availability)

Treasury report:
We have $9134 in bank. Unknown as to # of members who have paid for 2015 dues.

MMS show – Mae Becker is collecting the names of volunteers to work at MMS show as demonstrators.
I hope to be there on Sunday (dialysis on Sat and Dr. on Friday).

Possible new club location: Virginia has been unable to meet the key individual to explore site in Clinton Township. Will report back next (Board) meeting.

New Business: Need method of notification of future member meeting times and locations. Will ask Ken for same the next meeting.

Presentation: Startling changes to basic Physics laws.
Laura Mersini-Houhgton, Physics Professor at UNC Chapel Hill has presented mathematical proof that Black Holes can never come into being in the first place. Physicists have been trying to merge the two theories (Einstein’s theory of Gravity and quantum mechanics). This is the first scenario that brings the two theories together. It would require physicists to rewrite all that we know regarding physics.

Next meetings to be held on October 30 (Board) and November 6 (General). Both have been retained at 6:30 both Thursdays at the Clinton/Macomb Public Library.
The agenda for the next General Meeting: Short business meeting followed by Discussion of Fracking and gas/oil recovery.

Reported by: Ron Rolfe (Education Director)

Jacquie Swain will be the new Crystal Gazer editor. She is in the process of learning the position
with Nancy Feldbush’ assistance. Thank you Jacquie.


Memberships are:
Individual $20.00
Family $35.00
Initiation fee $2.00 per person
Family consists of 1 or 2 parents with a child under 18.

NOTE: We also have a Facebook page at Mt. Clemens Gem and Lapidary Society.