The Mount Clemens Gem & Lapidary Society has been in existence since 1969. Our purpose is to educate the general public about the lapidary arts and earth sciences.

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We are no longer at the clubhouse on Macomb Industrial Drive. The telephone has been dis-connected.
You may send an email to Ken at kkres24@yahoo.com with the subject being MCGLS Club.


The September 25th Board Meeting will be held at the Clinton/Macomb Public Library at 6:30 pm.
The Board Meetings are open to all. Be advised there is limited seating. You may comment after the meeting is adjourned.
12-14—HOLLAND, MICHIGAN: 45th Annual Rock, Gem, Fossil and Jewelry Show; Tulip City Gem & Mineral Club; Holland Civic Center; 150 W. 8th St.; Fri. 9-8, Sat. 9-7, Sun. 11-5; adults $3, students free with adult; Birthstones – “Everyone’s a Gem”: 12 dealers, special exhibits, lapidary and jewelry demonstrations, kids’ games, club sales, silent auction; contact Jodi and Steve Miller, 4420 Oak Hollow Ct., Hamilton, MI 49419, (269) 751-2808; e-mail: sjmillerman@yahoo.com; Web site: www.tulipcity.org

20-21—HOWELL, MICHIGAN: Annual show; Livingston Gem & Mineral Society; Hartland Education Support Services Center; 9525 Highland Rd.; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-4; adults $2, children 50 cents; contact Chuck Amberger, (248) 787-6586; e-mail: camber459@gmail.com

Meeting was held on Thursday Sep. 4, 2014 at the Clinton/Macomb Public Library located at the corner of Romeo Plank Rd. and Canal Rd. Called to order at 06:30 pm.
Board members present were Jacquie Swain, Glenn Swain, Ron Rolfe, Ken Kreskowiak.

An informal treasury reports was presented. Questions were asked about the absence of a Treasurer not presenting the report. Why there wasn’t a report stating the income, bills, checks written. For the next 30 minutes a discussion of this topic pursued the why’s, where’s and therefores of not having a formal report. Statements were rampant. After all was said and done mention was made as to someone volunteering to hold the position of Treasurer with NO-ONE stepping up to take it. What we have presently is 3 people authorized to sign checks. The Board of Directors are the treasury.
As was said at last months meeting the topic of the 2015 April show was brought up again. The board members present then and now were asked what progress has taken place. Not much has been done since. Many suggestions fly about the room but than again no hands are raised. Over the ten years I have been a member and a board officer or director I have seen the number of board members dwindle. We have retirees that do a wonderful job. Also there are a number of working people who devote a lot of there free time and do everything that is needed to run the club. Yet these great people give up their family life and pitch in even though it may be reluctantly. They know the job needs to be done and because no one steps up they take on an additional burden. As long as it appears everything is well and getting done no one else raises a hand. Yes we do have individuals to step in at the show or with other little projects and we greatly appreciate their assistance but that doesn’t solve our greatest needs. People to fill the vacant officer seats on the Board of Directors or take on the chairperson positions of different committees. This meeting was to be brief with a presentation about Jasper to follow but because of what took place and what was said the presenter decided to pack up and leave. We do have one person getting more information as to availability of a building for our club. We will inform you of the results after the next board meeting if we will have a quorum.
Membership Chair
Ken Kreskowiak

It has been requested by the Crystal Gazer Editor to see if anyone else would take over being editor. She is under more pressure at work and is finding it very difficult to find time for the job. If you will do this please contact a board member.

Please continue to check this page for upcoming meeting dates and locations.

Memberships are:
Individual $20.00
Family $35.00
Initiation fee $2.00 per person
Family consists of 1 or 2 parents with a child under 18.

NOTE: We also have a Facebook page at Mt. Clemens Gem and Lapidary Society.

Last updated 9/13/2014
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